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Pardon our Dust

As new Community Science tools come online, we will link to them here!

This page will be updated frequently, check back soon for more. Have a feature you really want to see? Let us know on our Discord in the #bugs-suggestions-ideas channel. Want to help implement new features and refine the old ones? Let us know in the #volunteers-reporting-for-duty channel.

Need inspiration? Join our live studio audience on Twitch. Astronomy Cast is on Mondays at 1800 UTC. The rest of the week we have Daily Space at 1600 UTC. If we're not live you can check out our past broadcasts up to 30 days after the show.


Welcome to Cosmoquest's new and improved Community Science portal, home of all of our current projects. It will contain our own Community Science projects and tools to make your own. It's been a long time since we've done one of these (Can you believe that Bennu Mappers was the summer of 2020?). We are excited to bring it back for all of you, old and new. Before you can get started you will need to create a new user account by clicking the login link at the top of this page. You can also get to the login by clicking the big red button right above this paragraph and selecting register.

If you had an account during the Bennu Mappers project or earlier, you will need to make a new one as unfortunately the old user list did not survive the database transfer. If you have already created a new account you can simply log in. Check the remember me box if you want to log in easier next time.

After logging in you will see the tabs for Moon Mappers, Mars Mappers and Mercury Mappers.

Please note that this software is still in beta and you may occasionally lose data such as marked images or other progress. Know that your contributions are valuable. We are sorry if (when) this happens and will try to fix it as soon as possible to keep the science going.

Our current Community Science project is a new version of Moon Mappers. We have a tutorial based on the old version of Mappers already. Join us?

Why the update?

Our Citizen Science Builder software previously utilized a software framework called $Name. Overtime, we realized we were limited in what we could do by the rate of that framework's updates, and if anyone wanted to contribute to this open-source platform, they were going to have to deal with our spaghetti code and framework... and that was a bit much. At the end of the Bennu Mappers project, we started a rewrite of our platform. Our goals are to make it easier for you to participate and for us to maintain into the future. Also, it will hopefully be better for doing science for the scientists we work with. This is still a work in progress, so expect regular changes to pop up. Join us on Discord to chat about changes and work on your own, or to test the current ones. Or just hang out, thats fine too.