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CosmoQuest is where professional scientists and the public come together to map other worlds, learn about space, and share what we’re discovering  with the world. We invite you to join our community, learn about space, and become part of NASA’s exploration of the Universe we share.

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We have two great seminar series for anyone interested in learning a little more about our Solar System.

Martian Rocks: The Geological History of the Red Planet – SIGNUP
20:00-21:00 Eastern, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22

The Kuiper Belt and the Icy Fringe of the Solar System – SIGNUP
22:00-22:00 Eastern, Mar 2, 9, 16, 23

Educator Materials

Click over to the Educators’ Zone to find lesson plans for middle school and high school students. We provide curriculum related to our Moon Mappers and Vesta Mappers citizen science portals, as well as other additional lesson plans covering many other general topics. Check them all out today.

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