Jan 14th: The Search for Life on Other Worlds Continues

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Podcaster: Andy Poniros

Cosmic Perspective-760x760Title: The Search for Life on Other Worlds Continues

Organization: Cosmic Perspective

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Intro Music: “A Piece of Space History”, by Andy Poniros
Closing Music:” 2001 Funk”, composed by Larry Benigno

Description: Dr With the success NASA has had using rovers on Mars to search for organics & the possibility that life may have existed on the Red Planet, NASA is now developing other types of rovers that will also search for organics & life in our own backyard. Hedgehog is a rover designed to explore asteroids & comets, and the Buoyancy Rover is being built to explore the oceans of moons orbiting Jupiter & Saturn.

And as we look for life in our Solar System, the “Search for Life on Other Worlds Continues”, as we look for Earth like planets revolving around other stars in our galaxy… More than 1,000 exoplanets have been discovered by Earth based telescopes & the Kepler space telescope, since the first exoplanet was discovered more than 20 years ago.
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Bio: Andy Poniros is a JPL / NASA Solar System Ambassador, Amateur Astronomer, Telescope Builder, Science Reporter and “Cosmic Perspective” host on www.WPKN.org

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