Apr 28th: Adventure Journalist Jim Clash Prepares for Virgin Galactic Flight

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Podcaster: Andy Poniros

Cosmic Perspective-760x760Title: Adventure Journalist Jim Clash Prepares for Virgin Galactic Flight

Organization: Cosmic Perspective

Link : http://www.lift-off.us
Twitter : @Andy_SSA ; Andy@lift-off.us

For more info on Dr Mitchell, go to noetic.org & http://www.nasa.gov/feature/apollo-astronaut-edgar-mitchell-dies-at-age-85

Intro Music: “A Piece of Space History”, by Andy Poniros
Closing Music:” 2001 Funk”, composed by Larry Benigno

Description: Adventure journalist Jim Clash discusses his experiences flying with the Breitling Air Jet Team & Training for his future Virgin Galactic flight.

You can read Jim’s articles on Forbes.com & “Ask Men”

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Bio: Andy Poniros is a JPL / NASA Solar System Ambassador, Amateur Astronomer, Telescope Builder, Science Reporter and “Cosmic Perspective” host on www.WPKN.org

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