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Earth or Not Earth

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Science shapes planetary surfaces in ways more weird then any science fiction show ever imagined. Explore the strange and awesome features of our solar system with Earth or Not Earth; an educational application brought to you by CosmoQuest. Explore three different games filled with volcanoes, craters, ice, and the unusual. While these games may be challenging at first, they will become easier as you familiarize yourself with the educational provided in the app.

The first game, “Earth or Not Earth,” will show you an image and ask you to choose whether you believe it is an image of Earth or another world. The second game is a tougher version called “Matching,” which will present you with an image and four choices to identify the image. You much select the correct world or feature that matches the image. The third game, “Pick 2,” will have you racing to match pairs of vocabulary cards by world. You must pick 2 cards of the same planet type and go through the vocabulary cards as quickly as you can.
The application will keep track of your top three scores in all games, and allow you to share these scores to Facebook.

In additional these games, you can also explore a learning section filled with highly detailed vocabulary cards so you can learn more about features and do better in the games.


Moon Mapper Crater Decay


For nearly 2 years, volunteers from around the globe have been helping scientists map craters on the Moon. With more than a million marked, it’s time to get down and sort through these markings to find the most interesting small craters on the Moon. With this app, you can help search out the most interesting craters and help facilitate research!

With the MoonMappers Crater Decay app, you’ll help CosmoQuest team scientists sort craters according to how much they’ve decayed over time. Newer craters on the Moon are crisp edged and stunning. Old craters … even on the weather-less Moon, old features get rounded down over time as they get pelted with micrometeorites and shaken up by large impacts nearby. Researchers need catalogs of specific types craters to answer different kind of questions, and every crater you classify helps them understand a little bit more about our Moon.

With Version 1.0 of this software, you can match newly mapped craters to one of 4 different states, ranging from “It’s perfect!” for sharp edged young craters to “That’s a crater?” for rounded dents in the moon that may mark some of the oldest impact sites. We’re going to have 15 different people look at every crater, and use the range of responses to make our final catalog of craters.

To participate and have your results count, you’ll need to register at We’ll contact you about discoveries you’ve helped our team of scientists accomplish, and you’ll get credit for all your efforts when results are published.

Download the MoonMappers Crater Decay App and start exploring the Moon today!


Hangouts ~CosmoQuest

This plugin allows for embedding of a live Hangout on Air through Google and YouTube onto your WordPress pages, posts, or widgets. When a show is not live, you can have it set to announce the next show, list your YouTube channel, and display an existing playlist.

Once the plugin is activated, a Hangouts item is added to your backend menu where you can set your channel Settings, Add/Edit recurring show descriptions, and add an upcoming show description or embed code for a live event. Embed the plugin output on a post or page with the code [hangouts] and use the Widget options in your Appearance menu to add to your sidebar.