Sponsoring 365 Days of Astronomy

All our media programs are edited and maintained through Astrosphere New Media*. These programs are, and have always been, a labor of love funded through the community. Your donations fund audio and video editing, maintenance of website and youtube channels, and equipment costs. This provides part-time employment for Avivah, Nancy, and Richard. Please help keep the content coming!

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You can also get your own sponsorship message (which can be anything from birthday wishes to your child, to program announcements for your astronomy club) into our show!

If you sponsor an episode, you can select the date (or dates) that you want to sponsor. Our staff will be in touch to setup all the details!

Corporate Sponsors

365 Days of Astronomy is proud to have XE.com as a sponsor of all our video productions. Watch the videos on our YouTube Page: AstrosphereVids and check out XE.com when ever you need to learn about currency exchanges (which, as an international project, is a need we have).


Are you a corporation with something to give? We are looking for people willing to sponsor the creation of show notes, transcripts and closed captioning of our videos, to send people to conferences to capture video (and stream it live when able), and to edit and post video from conferences and special events. If you are interested, please contact info@cosmoquest.org.

*Please Note: Our provisional non-profit status from when we formed is under review. The IRS has cashed our check, but nearly a year later we’re still waiting to hear if we get to keep our non-profit status. This means we have no idea if your donation is tax deductible in the USA. We hope this message can be replaced with a “YES! 501(c)(3) status in place,” but we want to be upfront about our status.