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The joint CosmoQuest – Bad Astronomy – Universe Today (CQ-BAUT) Forum supports people wanting to talk about citizen science, science, science fiction, and sometimes what they ate for breakfast. Our forums are managed by an unpaid group of fabulous moderators. Our servers are paid for piecemeal by all the projects within CosmoQuest and by generous donations from people like you. Would you consider supporting the Forums through a donation to SIUE or to Astrosphere New Media*?


The CQ-BAUT Forum is the largest (and we think the oldest) astronomy forum on the internet. Maintaining this living archive of millions of posts puts a fairly substantial load on our servers and requires us to run an XL server on Amazon Web Services. Thanks to a truly awesome and amazing anonymous donor, we have a reserved instance through 15 September 2016 and this greatly lowers our costs.

Your donation to SIUE will help with continued server & maintenance costs

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While having a reserved instance is awesome, we still have per hour costs. In this case, we’re paying $0.092 per hour for our forum server for all 8,765.81 hours in a year (or $67 a month). We also have database (RDS) and image storage (S3) related costs. All told, the forums costs about $100/month (thanks to the awesome aforementioned donor who pre-paid our reserved instance). There is also Cory and Pamela (but mostly Cory) to think about. They maintain the software and the design of the forums, and they like to eat (especially Chinese food). When you donate to CosmoQuest at SIUE, you are helping to make sure they get paid.

Your gift to Astrosphere* will help us support the Forum moderation team

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We also have a quiet little fantasy of paying someone to be responsible for making sure that the best information from the forums makes it into a highlights blog post each week, and  someone who will meet with the build team regularly to make sure they know what is coming out on CosmoQuest and can post that on the forum when it is most timely. Ideally, we’d like to pay this person about $450 a month, but to do that, we need to raise $5,400.

Even more ideally, we’d love to periodically pay for our mods to attend conferences that allow them to meet up with community members. We like our mods. A lot. We’d like to treat them better and make them more a part of the team. Help?

Please consider donating to support our community.

*Please Note: Our provisional non-profit status for Astrosphere from when we formed is under review. The IRS has cashed our processing check, but nearly a year later we’re still waiting to hear if we get to keep our non-profit status. This means we have no idea if your donation is tax deductible in the USA. We hope this message can be replaced with a “YES! 501(c)(3) status in place,” but we want to be upfront about our status.