2014 Hangoutathon Schedule

Please join us for 36 hours of science on April 26-27! After the event is over, we will work to get each of these events posted on YouTube on the 365 Days of Astronomy page. Stay tuned for the links!

This entire event will be hosted by Drs. Pamela L. Gay and Nicole Gugliucci All times and guests are still subject to change.


Hr 1


10:00am Introduction – Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, and the CosmoQuest team
10:45am Let’s Do Science – Try out CosmoQuest

Hr 2


11:00am Let’s Make STUFF – Guest: “Tiny Intern” Lindsey Odom
11:45am Way’s to Support CosmoQuest

Hr 3


12:00pm CosmoAcademy – Guest: Matthew Francis
12:45pm Unveiling of [you’ll have to wait to see]
Guest: Georgia Bracey

Hr 4


1:00pm Learning Planetary Science from FOOD
1:45pm Educators’ Zone Blog

Hr 5


2:00pm Leveraging media presence to inspire science love
Guests: Phil Plait, Christina Ochoa, Tamara Krinsky, Taryn O’Neill, and Kyle Hill
2:45pm Favorite good science in SciFi

Hr 6


3:00pm Space Games – Pamela, Nicole, and crew battle it out in Space Fluxx
3:45pm  Terraluna – connecting Earth and Moon in the classroom

Hr 7



4:00pm Things that begin with M: Doing Science with the Moon & Mercury
Guests: Stuart Robbins, Kelsi Singer
4:45pm Announcing a new program under development

Hr 8

5:00pm Education Theory and Practice
Guests: Sanlyn Buxner, Nancy Grazinano,
5:45pm In-Vesta-gate
Guests: Georgia Bracey

Hr 9


6:00pm Hello World: When Meteors Meet Earth
Guest: Geoff Notkin
6:45pm How to report an asteroid or other discovery

Hr 10

7:00pm Better Science thru Design 
Guest: Cia Romano
7:45pm  Showing Space Love on Etsy

Hr 11


8:00pm Games in Education
Guests: Chris Miller, Nathan Lowell, & Erin Moore
8:45pm Let’s play Earth or Not Earth (& other apps)

Hr 12

9:00pm Mad Art and Science
Guests: Amy Davis Roth, Brian George, Lauren Lane, Ryan Consell, and Dr. Rubidium
9:45pm  Lets make something

Hr 13


10:00pm Bedtime Story read by Pamela
10:45pm Space Stories on 365 Days of Astronomy

Hr 14


11:00pm Virtual Star Party
11:45pm  Virtual Star Party (continued)

Hr 15


12:00am Virtual Star Party (continued)
12:45am Virtual Star Party (continued)

Hr 16


1:00am Astronomy Cast Live: Satrun’s Rings with Guest Morgan Rehnberg
1:45am  Universe Today & BAUT Forum History

Hr 17


2:00am Asian Amateur Astronomy
Guests: Peter Lake and Shahrin Ahmad
2:45am Robotic Telescopes

Hr 18


3:00am Partnering: Strength in Numbers
Guests: Avivah Yamani, Peter Lake, Rosa Doran
3:45am  Galileo Programs

Hr 19


4:00am Putting the E in STEM: MoonBots & Google Lunar XPRIZE
Guests: Anita Heward & Steve Canvin
4:45am 365 Days of Astronomy on YouTube

Hr 20


5:00am Inspiring, Educating, and Exploring – Guest: Jayce Pearson, Peter Lake
5:45am  Guerilla Science

Hr 21


6:00am AstroArt – Making STEAM – Guest: Daniela de Paulis
6:45am Highlights from Global Astronomy Month

Hr 22


7:00am Space Scoop LIVE – Guest: Sarah Roberts
7:45am  365 Days of Astronomy

Hr 23


8:00am Exploration and Education – Guests from International Space University

Hr 24


9:00am Science on the Halfsphere – Planetarium Power! – Guests: John Feldmeier and Patrick Durrell
9:45am  Cosmic Castaways

Hr 25


10:00am A Special Weekly Space Hangout – Guests: Fraser Cain, Morgan Rehnberg, and Susie Murph
10:45am Carnival of Space

Hr 26


11:00am Death by Puppets! – Guests: Maria Walters and Steve DeGroof

Hr 27


12:00pm Science is Truly Everywhere – Guest: Donna Mugavero

Hr 28


1:00pm The Universe is TRYING TO KILL YOU – Fraser Cain and Phil Plait
1:45pm  Death by… shirt? 

Hr 29


2:00pm Live Tour of Snow Solar Telescope – with Mike Simmons
2:45pm Live Tour of Snow Solar Telescope

Hr 30


3:00pm Putting the Science in Science Fiction – Guests: Scott Sigler and A Kovacs
3:45pm  Free Wifi on Mars

Hr 31


4:00pm Exploring the Weird Worlds of Asteroids – Guest: Hannah Taquary

Hr 32


5:00pm Exploration on a Budget – Guest: Jake Noel-Storr

Hr 33


6:00pm How do I know I’m science-ing right? w/ Stuart Robbins

Hr 34


7:00pm Taking on Asteroids with Planetary Resources

Hr 35


8:00pm Space Games 
8:45pm Space Games (continued)

Hr 36


9:00pm Cards Against Astronomy
9:45pm  FINALE!