Edna DeVore

edna-devoreEdna DeVore is an astronomy educator and the Director of Education at the SETI Institute. Currently, she is the Principal Investigator for “Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts,” a project funded by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. Her prior work includes education and outreach programs for NASA’s Kepler Mission, Astrobiology Institute, and Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, NASA & NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, and Co-I for Voyages Through Time. She has served boards for the ASP, AAS, and Foundation for Microbiology. She has also been a planetarium director as well as high school and undergraduate astronomy instructor. She has published more than 30 papers on science and astronomy education, and presented over 200 invited talks, teacher workshops, and short courses. BA: Raymond College at UOP; Teaching Credentials, SJSU; MA Instructional Technology/Education from SJSU; MS Astronomy at University of Arizona.