Richard Drumm

richard-drummRichard Drumm was introduced into astronomy at the early age of 7 or 8 by his neighbor Captain Roland Jones who ran a planetarium and had a Unitron refractor. Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon is all it takes to get a kid interested in astronomy, and it worked for Richard.

Many years later he worked with the University of Virginia Parallax Program exposing 4×5″ glass plates to acquire astrometric data on the closest couple hundred stars. The instrument used for the program was the historic 26″ Clark refractor at Leander McCormick Observatory.

This was followed by work at the local Charlottesville NBC affiliate’s news department. After a few years Richard started his own video production company and won a couple of awards, a Gold Davey and a Silver Communicator for his video programs. This last was for a program for the NRAO that was on the topic of parallax astronomy.

In May, 2013, Richard came on board with CosmoQuest and AstroSphere New Media as the Producer and Editor of the Parsec award winning 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast. Richard and the 365 team picked up another Silver Communicator award for the “Are We Alone?” episode dated July 24, 2014.

In April of 2012 Richard joined the National Park Service Night Skies Division’s Astro VIP program and has been conducting astronomy outreach presentations at Shenandoah National Park each summer since then.

Richard is married and has 2 grown daughters who are the apple of his eye.