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By Susie Murph on June 28, 2018 in

Taken from the December 2015 Planetarian Vol. 44, No. 4 pages 16-17, 36 So, after Baton Rouge in 2012, Beijing in 2014, and Warsaw in 2016, Cité de l’espace, Toulouse, will organize the 24th International Planetarium Society Conference, for the first time in France, a country where planetariums have been very dynamic for close to […]

By Susie Murph on November 1, 2016 in

(This is a guest post from Dr. Patrick Durrell, director of the Ward Beecher Planetarium at Youngstown State University, one our Cosmoquest partners.) This past week saw the entire staff of YSU’s Ward Beecher Planetarium participate in the meeting of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association, hosted by the Longway Planetarium in Flint, MI. This annual […]