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We Are CosmoQuest

About CosmoQuest

While we don’t quite have a cast of millions, looking around at all the people pounding on keyboards to help make this project possible, it sometimes feels like a cast of millions. Want to join in? We are always looking for volunteers! We’re currently looking for graphical artists, computer programmers, educators to help us on a set of specific projects.

Project Director: Pamela “StarStryder” Gay

camerashy-01 Karen Adle alexa-alpern-thumb Alexa Alpern
maya-bakerman-thumb Maya Bakerman camerashy-01 Kathleen Bethel
georgia-bracey-thumb Georgia Bracey camerashy-01 Grigori Burlea
sanlyn-buxner-thumb Sanlyn Buxner camerashy-01 Marti Canipe
camerashy-01 Thea Canizo whitney-cobb-thumb Whitney Cobb
tara-donahue-thumb Tara Donahue richard-drumm-thumb Richard Drumm
patrick-durrell-thumb Patrick Durrell lisa-strishock-thumb Lisa Felix-Strishock
keely-finkelstein-thumb Keely Finkelstein matthew-francis-thumb Matthew Francis
camerashy-01 Anna Glushko paige-graff-thumb Paige Graff
nancy-graziano-thumb Nancy Graziano jennifer-grier-thumb Jennifer Grier
camerashy-01 Suzy Gurton camerashy-01 Austin Hinderliter
camerashy-01 James A. Iwayemi toshi-komatsu-thumb Toshi Komatsu
brian-kruse-thumb Brian Kruse larry-lebofsky-thumb Larry Lebofsky
cory-lehan-thumb Cory Lehan erin-moore-thumb Erin Moore
susie-murph-thumb Susie Murph jake-noel-storr-thumb Jake Noel-Storr
camerashy-01 Dawn Olive ryan-owens-thumb Ryan Owens
camerashy-01 Cia Romano susan-runco-thumb Susan Runco
liz-sanders-thumb Elizabeth Sanders camerashy-01 Bill Schmidtt
katie-seery-thumb Katherine Seery curtis-spivey-thumb Curtis Spivey
katie-stringer-thumb Katie Stringer theresa-j-summer Theresa Summer
camerashy-01 Lisa Walsh camerashy-01 Marc Wetzel
camerashy-01 Annie Wilson avivah-yamani-thumb Avivah Yamani